Marietta Tree Trimming that Lasts and Protects Your Property

Trimming the trees on your Marietta property can be a little daunting. Not only are you facing the possibility you could hurt the tree, but if not done correctly, you could damage your property – something you were looking to avoid by trimming the tree. There are a few questions you need to answer when considering Marietta tree trimming. By … Continue reading

Sandy Springs Tree Professionals Can Help Your Grass Grow

Nothing beats lounging under a big shady tree in the heat of summer. It is why so many homes in the Atlanta area have big shady trees in the yard. The trouble with these big shady trees is that while they’re providing a great place to relax, they are also actively killing the grass under it. The shade provided by the tree is choking out the … Continue reading

Atlanta Home Tree Removal: Is It Necessary as Hurricane Season Approaches?

Each year, homes in Atlanta are the victim of trees falling due to the weather. During the hurricane season, more trees fall on metro Atlanta homes than during any other season. Even though this region of the southeast is not well known for being hurricane prone, strong winds and intense rain storms are still prevalent throughout the season. This … Continue reading

Mushrooms Growing On Your Duluth Tree? What You Need to Know Now

Mushrooms are a fairly common thing in the world today. We know that they grow in the wild, they can be eaten, though some are poisonous, and that there are a lot of varieties. Did you know that the part of a mushroom that you might eat is actually just the fruiting body of a fungus? You can think of it like the rose bud on a rose bush. This is how … Continue reading

Looking to Plant a Spring Tree? What Tucker Tree Professionals Recommend

The best part about spring is the feeling of new life in the air. The sun is finally starting to warm things up, flowers are blooming, and your yard is ready for a little tender love and care. Spring is also a great time to add new plants to your garden, and trees make for a fantastic addition. If you’ve been thinking about adding a few trees to … Continue reading

5 Common Decatur Tree Diseases and Their Warning Signs

With the weather getting warmer, lots of people are turning their attention back to their yards and landscaped lawns. There is a lot of work to be done to prepare for the incoming heat. One thing you should inspect is the health of your garden and trees. Spring is a notable time for diseases and infestations, as all the little critters are coming … Continue reading

So You’ve Had Your Tree Trimmed, Now What? 3 Ways to Dispose of Your Marietta Tree Trimmings

Whether you thought about tackling it on your own, actually tried it on your own or made the safe choice and called a Marietta tree trimming service to come help prune your trees, chances are you though that would be the end of it. What you might not have considered is that after your trees are beautiful, shapely and pared down, you still have to … Continue reading

Atlanta Tree Care Professional Pruning Tips You Need to Know

Any Atlanta tree care professional can look at a tree and tell if it needs branches removed and just how to do it. But, why do you need pruning for trees? There are three main reason people prune trees; tree health, appearance, and functionality. When it comes to tree health, getting rid of dead and broken branches is a must. Think of these as weak … Continue reading

Marietta Tree Service: Simple Tips to Prepare Your Trees for a Hurricane

When living in Georgia, hurricanes and severe tropical weather are simply a part of life. These devastating storms can cause billions of dollars in damage. While those types of numbers may seem abstract or unimaginable, watching your favorite tree land on top of your home or other residential structure can help give new meaning to this concept. … Continue reading

8 Tree Hazards to Watch for on Your Property

When you have a tree on your property, you need to watch out for certain tree hazards. This is because the tree could fall on your Atlanta home as well as limbs falling on you or those who visit your home. If you know the signs of a tree hazard, you can do something about it before there is a major problem on your property. Here are eight things … Continue reading