Mushrooms Growing On Your Duluth Tree? What You Need to Know Now

atlanta-tree-removal-1Mushrooms are a fairly common thing in the world today. We know that they grow in the wild, they can be eaten, though some are poisonous, and that there are a lot of varieties. Did you know that the part of a mushroom that you might eat is actually just the fruiting body of a fungus? You can think of it like the rose bud on a rose bush. This is how we know where a fungus is growing and, in many cases, this can be a good thing. Unfortunately, if you notice mushrooms growing on your Duluth tree you could be in for a not so pleasant surprise. Some strains of the mushroom fungus are perfectly harmless and they won’t do anything to your tree but decorate it. There are some, however, that are sort of like opportunistic infections and they can kill your tree from the inside out. So what should you know if you can see that your tree is home to a mushroom growth?

Keep Calm

There is no need to do anything drastic if your tree is harboring mushrooms that simply Mushrooms growing on your Duluth treearen’t dangerous. So, the first thing you should do is try to determine what kind of fungus you’re dealing with. Unless you are an expert in mushroom yielding fungus, however, your best bet here is to call your local Duluth arborist and have them determine which strain of mushrooms is growing on your Duluth tree as well as what damage has already been caused. If the fungus is harmless, then you have nothing to worry about. If, however, it is going to cause some damage it will be in one of two ways; white rot or brown rot.

White Rot

White rot is less dangerous than brown rot but it can still be deadly to your tree. This type of rot gets its name from the appearance of the affected wood. The wood will often appear white or yellow and look stringy. It will also feel soft or spongy. This type of rot breaks down the lignin in wood, with some strains attacking the cellulose as well. If this infection isn’t taken care of, it will more than likely cause the death of your tree. It is slow and can take several years to reach its full potential, but it is still deadly.

Brown Rot

Brown rot is a far more dangerous infection to have. If you find mushrooms goring on your Duluth tree that are in this family, your tree could be dead within a year. This type of fungus attacks the hemicellulose as well as the cellulose. It also grows much more rapidly than fungus of the white rot variety, thus the accelerated damage. This type of rot gets its name because of the affected tree’s appearance as well. Trees with brown rot will become dry and cracked, often deepening in hue to a dark brown. If this is the type of infection your tree has, the chances of saving it are slim.

Regardless of the kind of fungus growing on your tree, your local Duluth arborist at Atlanta Tree Arbors can help. If you think your tree may be infected, call (678) 877-6568 now and let us help you fight back.

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