So You’ve Had Your Tree Trimmed, Now What? 3 Ways to Dispose of Your Marietta Tree Trimmings

Whether you thought about tackling it on your own, actually tried it on your own or made the safe choice and called a Marietta tree trimming service to come help prune your trees, chances are you though that would be the end of it. What you might not have considered is that after your trees are beautiful, shapely and pared down, you still have to deal with the trimmings themselves. Most companies will leave it up to you how you want to dispose of them, so you have to think it through. Fortunately, you do have a few options:

1)      Have Them Removed

Possibly the easiest choice is to just have them removed. If you have the trimmings removed from a professional tree removal service, they should offer process all your trimmings through a wood chipper. This makes it easier to haul them off. Your property will be left free of debris and looking immaculate.

 2)      Use Them as Mulch

Marietta Tree Trimming

You might be thinking, “If the trimming crew can use the leftovers, why can’t I?” And that’s a good question, because you can. You can use the chips and smaller branches as mulch for your garden. You can ask the Marietta tree trimming company to leave you the chips. They usually have some helpful guidelines as to when or how you can keep, but those trimmings make for excellent mulch and they’re free! Plus, wood chips are as organic as you can get. They also have a slow decomposition rate, which can help protect the investment you’ve already made in your landscaping. You might want to consider using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer before spreading your mulch, as it can sometimes tie up the nitrogen your plants will need. However, this fertilizer should prevent any issues.

3)      Composting

If you’re not quite ready to use the trimmings as mulch, you can add them to your compost pile and reap the benefits later. As the chips deteriorate, they will help produce a fertilizer rich in all the things plants crave. You just need to mix it in with some other organic material and you’ll have yourself a nice pile of homemade fertilizer. If you’re considering using the wood chips as mulch and a compost pile starter kit, you could check with your local Marietta tree trimming service and see if they’ll provide you with some of the chips other customers didn’t want.

While any of these options will solve your tree leftovers problem, you should take a little time to think about which one is the best fit for you. If you’re not quite to the trimmings part yet but need some pruning done, call Atlanta Tree Arbors at 770-256-4599. You can get a quote for whatever job you want and ask any questions you need to figure out the right plan for your home and your trees.

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