Prevent Atlanta Tree Removal with Proper Winter Care

The winter is a tough time of year for everyone. It is so cold outside you do not want to even bear it if you don’t have to. When you do go out, you are bundled from head to toe against the cold winter air. Imagine if you had to stand outside all winter long. This is exactly what your trees have to encounter throughout the winter, so providing them with the best protection can assure they will remain healthy and you will not have to pay for Atlanta tree removal later in the year. Here are a few tips to help maintain healthy trees even in a harsh winter.

Make Sure the Soil around Your Trees Drains

Atlanta tree removalAs the ground gets colder, it gets even harder for the water to drain through it. This is as true in Atlanta as it is in Chicago. Hard soil can lead to Atlanta tree removal thanks to the roots heaving out of the soil. Make sure that when the tree is planted that there is a mixture of sand and soil. This will allow the roots to remain firmly planted in the ground.

Give Your Trees Enough Water

If the weather should get so cold outside that the ground freezes, your tree will not be able to absorb any more water. All hope is not lost, and you can avoid Atlanta tree removal, as long as you make sure you are watering your tree enough in the months leading up to the big freeze. Since this is not a guarantee in Atlanta, you may want to just prepare your tree for the possibility of a freeze anyhow. Any water your trees do not use will simply drain through the soil.

The Power of Mulching

Mulching is not just a decorative tool. It can also help in preventing Atlanta tree removal by maintaining a constant temperature underground. The water that you are giving your tree will also have more of a chance to be absorbed because the mulch helps to prevent moisture loss in the soil. When you look at the forest floor, it is easy to see that nature uses mulch every day to encourage growth of trees. You can recreate this hospitable environment and maintain the health of your trees throughout the year.

Wrap Your Trees for Protection

If you live in an area where there are quite a few animals like deer, rabbit and other animals close to the ground, you may want to protect your tree. These animals can get hungry in the winter when there is less to eat and they have been known to gnaw on tree bark in order to keep their bellies full. This can lead to Atlanta tree removal by damaging your tree. You can prevent this from happening with burlap wrapped around the tree or you can even use chicken wire if you do not mind the appearance of it. Some just use plastic wraps designed for trees.

Be Careful with Salting

If you have snow on your driveway, you may want to melt it with the use of salt. This however can lead to Atlanta tree removal, because of the way it can affect some trees. Keep in mind that as the trees or shrubs absorb the salt, it can cause the leaves to discolor and fall prematurely which will negatively affect the health of the tree and can cause it to die. If you are sure that you are going to use salt no matter what, you may want to consider planting trees and bushes that are resistant to salt and will not be affected as much.

If you are concerned about the effects on your trees and worry you may need professional help for Atlanta tree removal, Atlanta Tree Arbors is ready to help you. Call to schedule an appointment to get a tree inspection or an estimate at 770-256-4599.

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