How Atlanta Tree Removal Can Occur from Carving in Trees

It is hard to say where the tradition of sweethearts carving their initials in trees came from. The day this trend began was a sad day for trees and the environment in general. This is because of the extensive damage these acts of vandalism do to a tree and to the environment. It is possible a small carving can lead to the death of a once healthy tree, making Atlanta tree removal necessary.

What the Danger Is

Atlanta tree removal

Atlanta tree removal

Trees are defenseless against acts of vandalism and people should be aware of damage what carving can do. The bark on a tree is similar to our skin. It is an outer layer of protection provided to protect the many vital layers under within the tree. Carving into bark creates a wound on the tree which damages the inner bark called the phloem. This leaves an opening for pathogens which cause disease to enter the tree. Even a small carving which damages the phloem could cause a large old tree to become compromised and die. That small carving has made Atlanta tree removal necessary.

Carving into tree bark can also damage the xylem, or conductive tissue of the tree to become damaged. The conductive tissues of the tree act as roads in which water travel from the roots of the tree to other areas. These tissues also carry vital nutrients created in the leaves during photosynthesis to travel down the tree. A cut in these tissues acts as a road block for these elements. The problem is there is no alternate route for these elements to take to get where they need to go. This can start one area of the tree to die which can eventually kill the entire tree.

Tree vandalism can not only cause trees to die, it can also create dangerous situations which leaves only Atlanta tree removal as a cure. Over time when a tree dies from bark and connective tissue damage, it may not be evident to the untrained eye. Therefore if pressure is applied to a large severely damaged tree, it could quickly topple over. The tree could fall on anything in its path.

Instead of expressing one’s affection by carving in tree, try planting a tree instead. This could be a much more fitting symbol of your love since it will thrive and become stronger through the years, as hopefully your love will.

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