Don’t Let Decatur Tree Care Myths Hurt your Trees

It can seem as if tree care can be somewhat of a mystery. This is because several people who obtain property with trees have had no previous experience with trees or any educating regarding them. Many people go about caring for their trees from information they have heard over the years or they do what they think may be the best practices. Unfortunately, this leads to people falling for a lot of Decatur tree care myths which damage and even kill healthy trees. Do not let the trees on your property fall victim to a lack of knowledge. Here are some facts which can assist you in growing and maintaining strong and healthy trees.

Nature will handle everything

Decatur Tree CareThere are several people who rely on the thought that since trees are natural, their trees will automatically be taken care of by nature. This is a dangerous myth to buy into. The trees which have been planted in yards, neighborhoods and cities require assistance to keep them healthy and safe. Proper tree care is crucial since they are an investment in your property and the esthetics of your home. They are also essential in cleaning the air, providing shading and enhancing the attractiveness of the area they are planted in. Trees also require assistance, by way of Decatur tree care, in ensuring that they do not become a liability or danger.

Mature Trees and Taproots

Over the years research has proven several commonly held ideas about trees to be incorrect. One of these Decatur tree care myths regards mature trees and taproots. Research has found that many mature trees do not have a taproot. They actually have anchor and feeder roots which are generally located in the upper three feet of the soil. These roots often extend well beyond the canopy and width of the tree.

Treating Pruning Cuts

There are several people who still hold to the belief that painting a wound dressing on pruning cuts is necessary. The reality is that this practice actually hurts a tree because it causes the pruning cut to heal slowly.

Cutting Branches

A long held Decatur tree care myth is that cutting tree branches flush with the trunk is proper maintenance. The reality is that this practice actually robs a tress of the natural chemicals it needs to close wounds. Doing this could lead to the decay of a tree.

In order to properly care for your trees it is best to enlist the help of an expert. Having a tree expert from Atlanta Tree Arbors examine your trees annually is a responsible plan of action for any property owner. A tree care professional can examine the condition of your trees and detail out a proper tree care plan for you. They can also identify and eliminate conditions they find which could be harmful and dangerous. This makes enlisting the assistance of a tree care professional a wise investment. It’s as easy as calling 678-887-6568.

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